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  1. I’ve been trying to change the email associated with my account for almost two weeks now. Until that gets changed I am unable to withdraw any of my crypto assets. This has been one of the worst customer service experiences! I would highly recommend using Coinbase or Kraken for better customer service. If I am unable to withdraw my money then that is basically akin to theft!

  2. Got banned on the next day and unable to be maker on site, because I bought 8 times for 1 hour, price of all orders = 4000 rubles ( 65 usd ). They said that this is wash trading. I repeat 65 usd in total. Customer support said that now i need to buy and sell as taker for 3 months and maybe they will remove the ban. But if i will not buy and sell anything, they will not remove the ban :0 . Whaaaaaaaaaaat???

  3. Binance exchange provides users with a convenient platform for storing and trading cryptocurrencies, but not only. As for the exchange, everything is fine here. There is a simple and intuitive interface for the user, which is easy to navigate. There are a large number of trading pairs and wallets themselves on the exchange. I have not experienced any problems with the conclusions yet, but I have experienced the support service, it reacts quickly and helps, but I want to warn you right away that it is not safe to store cryptocurrency on the exchange. This exchange was also attacked because of which funds disappeared from the exchange, but the exchange itself compensated its users. It is worth noting that the exchange enjoys great popularity and trust among users.

  4. I have nothing but great experience with Binance, greatest crypto exchange of our time. Support is a little slow but on and on great exchange.

  5. Additional Verification is under review. So, I’m a Muslim and that makes me a terrorist? I had already verified my account complete, but the deposit of just $15 from my own account went to “Additional Verification”?

  6. I think Binance is the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange with the best graphics and everything. I think those who go around giving negative comments about the app are those who didn’t want to learn gradually and master how it works but were in a hurry to earn probably because a friend was earning from it lol.

  7. My account was emptied.i can’t call or email anyone. Nobody cares and they won’t provide proof of how the person logged in and bypassed the 2fa security.what a disgrace

  8. Just started trading. New to the game I’ve sent about 5k to wrong address binance not interested in helping however they take money off the transactions. Poor customer service and very bad company no loyalty to customer avoid

  9. Binance is a criminal and crooked company! They let you put money in, they verify you within hours but the moment your money hits your account and you try to withdraw it or send it elsewhere, they lock your account, they flag your account, with bs messages like account suspended due to risk management etc. This company is illegally operating and they are all criminals! Within a few weeks they liquidated my account stole my funds and blocked my access to binance. Do not trust these thieves! Do not open an account with them! The owner CJ is a criminal! They are all criminals there! Burn this company down! I have reported this company to all the proper authorities! They are under investigation for defrauding 10′ of thousands of customers! Every employee at Binance is under investigation and will be help accountable! Criminals they all are!! Horrible Company!

  10. Worst company ever. They have stolen 27 thousand EUR from me. I tried to send 27 thousand euros to my account in Binance, the money has not come to my Binance nor to my bank. They told me the money will get back to me and it has been almost two weeks since this has happened. Be careful and don’t trust them.

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