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Team History
AAX was founded in early 2018 and after over 18 months of research and development, the exchange was officially launched in November 2019.
From the outset, the goal was to create a digital asset exchange that would be attractive to the vibrant community of retail traders, while still being able to withstand regulatory scrutiny and suit institutional financial market participants.
To create a world-class exchange suitable for both retail and institutional investors, we have brought together professionals from the world of cryptocurrencies, creatives, as well as from corporate structures such as HSBC, IBM and JPMorgan.
AAX has offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region and a team of 200 is led by CEO Thor Chan. Drawing on his experience as Deputy CEO of FDT Group, product management experience at App Annie and Microsoft, and experience in building low latency trading systems, Chan successfully established AAX as the leading institutional-grade exchange in the region in less than a year.
A strong team, robust technology, and a strong commitment to safety, market integrity, and performance: we believe that as the industry continues to evolve and regulation truly begins to take root, these elements will be key to success, long-term sustainability, and mainstream adoption.
Looking to the future and deeply convinced that cryptoassets will play an increasingly important role in the world, AAX was built with durability in mind.
The future belongs to cryptocurrencies. The future is AAX.
We are trusted by over 3 million crypto investors
Invest, trade and grow with AAX

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  1. There are problems with this platform, and they lie in the fact that if you analyze the chart on their terminal, customize everything for yourself, make the interface convenient, then everything goes astray exactly at the moment when the next update occurs on LSEG, well, where do they come from take the software. This is a trifle, but it really pisses me off, especially when you need to actively trade, on those days when the crypto is especially volatile. Already faced with this, not really want to again. Also, when I traded here, there were some delays with the withdrawal of funds. I don’t know what it is, but it also pissed me off. Especially when you urgently need to withdraw money to the web3 space, and you can’t do it, because it takes a long time for you to process the withdrawal. AAX is a platform not without jambs. Some fit, some don’t. I personally did not fit, because all these little things, it would seem, are very annoying. If you put them together, there will be a real and serious disadvantage.

  2. Didn’t like trading on AAX. The platform is no different, the most standard web terminal, like other sites. I did not like the terrible work of technical support, which is either inundated with requests and questions from users, or generally ignores me on purpose. Order execution here is normal, what difference does it make if your order is executed in 60 milliseconds or 30? Well, unless you are an HFT trader of course, where yes, this difference is significant. And if you are an ordinary scalper or an intraday trader, then this super-mega-fast platform did not give up on you, as they position themselves, exposing this advantage for display. I didn’t notice anything interesting here, to be honest. There are more interesting sites.

  3. So far, it is very difficult to call AAX a top exchange. And trading on non-top exchanges is stupid, because such platforms can scam at any moment (the CEO will run away with all the money, hackers will break, etc.).

  4. I use this site to the fullest. I not only trade and store crypto, but I also have a deposit in USDT, which comes out somewhere around 10% per annum, which is just perfect for a dollar deposit. There are no big risks here. In order to reduce fees by 20%, I bought their coin, it is good that it feels very stable compared to other altcoins that are constantly dumping, here the coin is in the corridor, very stable, so you can keep a cutlet for lower commissions and don’t sweat it. I often participate in the promotion, where they give bonuses and free airdrops, I have already enriched myself quite well for all the time)) I regret that I didn’t start trading on this platform right away, because I could have started using all the freebies that the company gives earlier.

  5. AAX works stably, I have been trading on the platform for half a year, because it can be trusted. They will not block your addresses, they will not leak everything by regulators and so on. This site is focused specifically on users, because even verification is not needed here in order to trade and use additional services. Calmly withdraw up to 2 bitcoins up to a day. I also liked the commissions, they are lower than on the top exchanges. On one popular exchange, the commission is 0.05% -0.1%, and here it is 2 times lower. This is a clear advantage. According to the listing, there is nothing wrong here either, all popular and top coins by cap are available. In other moments, everything is as usual, as elsewhere, but due to the commission, the platform wins, and the fact that verification is not necessary to trade in small amounts.

  6. I work on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including AAKS. The site pleases absolutely everyone – fast execution of orders, without slippage, stops and takes are quickly activated, because of this, the price is not smeared. Withdrawals are also fast, no questions asked. 1-2 minutes and the crypt is sent.

  7. Profitable referral program, minimal costs, you can inject fiat, make transactions quickly, operational technical support, several million users, and so on) There are a lot of pluses, in short)

  8. AAX platform is normal, the scam behind it was not visible … the withdrawal works stably for me every month, even sometimes I withdraw through p2p, well, everything is clear there, okay … by the way, the p2p service is much more convenient than other platforms.

  9. The AAX crypto exchange is a very dubious project with a clear desire to leave the trader without money. The lack of regulation also does not add confidence in any way. There are much more worthy sites that do not keep such obvious pitfalls in their agreements.

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