VTC Europe Review

VTC Europe

Website: https://vtc-europe.nl

Phone: +31202881488

Address: Beursplein 5, Amsterdam 1012JW, Netherlands

About company:

Trade assets at global markets with VTC

Get access to trading with a secure European broker now.


VTC Europe B.V. operates in accordance with the EU directive MIFID II (The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), which guarantees transparent trading and safe storage of partner funds on vtc-europe.nl accounts. Legal Entity Identifier Code (LEI Code) — 5493000QPEW0QLXCP097

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  1. At first, the broker certainly inspires confidence, there is registration data, it is stated that the company operates in accordance with the EU Directive MIFID II. In principle, this bribed. I signed up and made my first deposit. Started with 100 euros. VTC Europe has its own terminal, the functionality is mediocre, but you can work. I was in pluses the first two weeks. Then he added another 200 euros to increase the profit in this way. But when I put it on the withdrawal, the office was immediately blown away. Sent for verification, which they simply did not confirm to me. In a private office it says my account is under review and nothing has changed for over a week. What’s next is unknown…

  2. VTC Europe cannot be a normal broker because it has all fake licenses. try to find it on the sites of the regulators and you yourself will be convinced of this. I am sure that the registration is fake))

  3. At VTC Europe, everything looks great and wonderful, but only until the moment of withdrawal. The organizers of the office tell fables about European registration and the presence of as many as several licenses, favorable conditions, maximum security, etc. Only here there is one problem, it is unrealistic to withdraw money from here. This is the most primitive fraudulent project, which only disguises itself as a reliable broker. To replenish the balance, they offer either a transfer to a card or through an EPS. Normal brokers give full legal details. I hope to get my money back on the chargeback. And I do not recommend contacting VTC Europe to anyone

  4. And these comrades from VTC Europe look well disguised. They use the name and legal details of a real-life company and try to sell their services in the field of trading. Although the real company has nothing to do with online trading. That is why it is important to carefully check the work of the office before investing in it. This is a 100% scammer who only wants your money and that’s it.

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