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Trust Wallet


About company:

TrustWallet wallet is designed for buying, selling, storing crypto money. Trust Wallet is the wallet of the Binance trading platform, so many users know the app in connection with trading activities.
The wallet developers report that they paid special attention to the security and confidentiality of client data. The program does not store any data other than the address. It is stated that no one, except the owner of the account, can log into your personal account or restore access to it if it is lost.
TrustWallet is based on a Web3 browser, which means that the wallet can be “embedded” in decentralized applications. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the program.
List of supported coins
The wallet works with the following cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC); Ethereum (ETH); Binance Coin (BNB); Litecoin (LTC); Ripple (XRP); Polkadot (DOT); Stellar (XLM); Dogecoin (DOGE); Smartchain (BNB); Dash (DASH); TRON (TRX); Tezos (XTZ); Cosmos (ATOM); Kava (KAVA).
To simplify the process of buying cryptocurrency from cards, Trust Wallet has set up work with an intermediary – Simplex. In your personal account in the purchase section, you can exchange from a card to an account through an intermediary. The developers report that the rate is as close as possible to the market at the moment.
How to use TrustWallet
Working with Trust Wallet begins with installing the platform and registering:
First you have to download the application on the official website of the company, in Playmaker or AppStore.
After installing the program, you need to click the “Create” button.
A 12-word passphrase will be generated for the user. It must be copied and stored in a safe place. It is important to write down this phrase! It will be needed to access the wallet, restore it in case of losing the password. However, the key must be kept secret.
Next, there will be a small system check – you need to put the keywords in the correct order.
Then the user enters the personal account. All available cryptocurrencies are not immediately displayed there. You need to choose the main currency of the wallet yourself.
In the settings there is an option “Wallets”. There, by clicking on the plus sign, you can create additional wallets.
To send or request a cryptocurrency, just click on its name on the main page. The program sends the user to a menu where the recipient’s address must be entered. You can also copy the code to receive funds there.
In the upper right part of the page there is a link to the current market data, the current exchange rate, trading volumes.
Trust Wallet limits and fees
Buying and selling cryptocurrency can be done by replenishing the wallet with a credit or debit card. Replenishment from the card will be suitable at the current exchange rate of the client bank. The transaction fee is 3.5% or $10, depending on the transfer amount.
There are limits on transactions:
The minimum transaction is $50.
No more than $20,000 per day.
No more than $50,000 per month per account.
If we talk about the time frame, then on average any transaction takes 10-30 minutes.
A feature of TrustWallet is that the platform does not require any personal data from the user, documents confirming his identity, etc. It is enough to download the program, install it and start working.
The wallet is distributed in various decentralized applications, it can be accessed by any gadget. This greatly simplifies the work, allows you to carry out operations faster.
The official website is available in 11 languages. The interface is understandable to users who have never dealt with online wallets before.
Before creating a Trust Wallet, it is important to read the reviews.

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  1. I set up my account on Iphone (ios 15) some months ago, all was fine.

    I recently changed mobile phones, new phone is android. Downloaded the app and logged in using my seed phrase that i had physically written down and kept in a safe.

    Seed phrase accepted and i was logged in to my new android phone and my XYO balance has dissapeared.

    Literally all i have done is installed the app on a new device and my XYO tokens have dissapeared.

    I logged a support call almost a month ago, provided them with all the transaction information and have yet to receive a response other than the usual automated one that im sure most reviewers on here have had.

    This really isnt on, all i have done is changed my mobile phone, relogged in and my tokens are gone. (Yes i have selected the filter and pressed the slider for XYO)

    This is hands down the worst Crypto wallet i have ever needed support with, others, such as coinbase are miles ahead of Trust wallet when it comes to support.

    Imagine a company dealing with Billions of funds/tokens who cant even have a human answer support issues.

    It really is companies like this that give Crypto a bad name and the negative stigma that it gets draws the wrong attention.

  2. Stole $800 worth of coins on withdraw. Didnt even show up on binance blockchain record. Trust wallet straight up took my coins. Basically I sent 80k coins 70k arrived. Ridiculous

  3. This app is working as it should for me and I received a response & assistance from customer support within a few hours. For people claiming they have been scammed of their tokens, DON’T accept AIRDROPS as they are often scams and will DUST your wallet balance to ZERO. The fees are high but so are the rewards for successful trades so make sure you buy at least $50 of newly released said token at a fraction of a cent & HODL until you get that 10000% rise. TW is no good for day trading, it’s best used for the HODL, if you want to trade small amounts on 10% profit, use an exchange that charges 0.2-0.8% on trades. BE SURE to turn on PASSCODE, AUTO-LOCK, TRADE SIGNATURE & REMEMBER to be VERY CAREFUL when giving out your address for Airdrops.

  4. This is the best wallet I’ve seen, the fees are low and their transfer is extremely fast. They are the best, highly recommend.

  5. I downloaded trust wallet and used it for about 2 weeks. Then one morning I opened the app and the half of my funds were showing a zero balance. Then I got to looking at my notifications and I saw transactions where the coins were traded on pancake swap to BNB, then the BNB was transferred out of trust wallet. This was all in my transaction history. It was as if someone were connected to my phone and freely using the wallet, bypassing any passwords/pins.

    I contacted Trust Wallet support and didn’t hear anything for 1 week. Then I received an email from them this morning asking me to check for support on Reddit as they have a high volume of support requests. The response that I got back was a very generic one – Sorry you lost your funds, you must have given out your seed phrase or someone must have got into your device, you used a malicious DApp, etc. There was no investigation.

    I am an IT Systems Admin by trade and I am fully aware of the security concerns and risks. I did not share any seed phrase or any other information and my devices were not hacked. I did give the benefit of a doubt and ran a malware scan on my PC and phone, which returned no malware. The only option out of any that Trust Wallet provided that was even remotely possible was I used a malicious DApp. However, I always went to the DApps section IN trust wallet. Never anything directly on the web. I really feel like there is a major security flaw with Trust Wallet and if it does happen, good luck in getting someone to investigate it. The purpose of this post is to get the message out and hopefully help others.

  6. All transactions transfers from my address to this address are token stolen


    Please help in recoverying back the tokens.

    Thank you so much.

  7. I purchased ETH and BNB – but it never appeared in my wallet.
    Contacted Trust Wallet, only to be sent multiple template apologies for the delay.

    Still not resolved.

  8. Ive just emailed you – and if not responded within 7 days, my lawyers will be contacting you and you will no longer have the opportunity to speak to me.

  9. My funds are slowly disappearing due to the way this app does not work and
    I try to trade via pancake, get charged the heavy fees and don’t receive the trade.

  10. I swapped from the BNB smartchain and didn’t get my token shibnobi appearing on my wallet if you need a receipt I have it as well

  11. Trust wallet company is a bunch of lairs and scammers who only get paid the don’t client feels into consideration. I did some business with you and it’s been almost 3 months and still cannot be paid,

    1. first time for delivery of the package I had to pay all types of fees and the package was delivered, I pay for 30 mins delivery. 1-hour delivery, overnight, immediately and 3-hour delivery still no packages, then ups truck crash on the way to delivery the package I had to pay for the delivery truck and still no package .
    2. The second time we tried to have the package into my account, still process overnight, next, immediately, and nothing no delivery of the packages, because I could not afford the fees
    3. We are on the 3rd try for the delivery via mail again and it’s back to a bunch of fees again and the delivery date and time still no delivery on the package .

    I have to wait on this package 3 months and still nothing, they want to be to borrow money to pay the fee and still no package, fees so far are almost $60,000 and counting and they still asking for more fees, they don’t deliver the package on the guarantee time and date and the 3rd date its another fee for something else…

    This is the worst company to busy with there all about don’t see that people is living in hard time

    Apparently, the client must continue to pay and the package is not delivered. You use the post office u pay one fee that I know, not $60,000 and counting fees. So basically you pay for nothing


  12. The worst expierence EVER! I cracked my screen no my old phone, and imported my wallet on my new device. And for some strange reason my funds aren’t showing on my new device. Despite, me entering the correct recovery keys and getting a message on my new phone stating “Import Successful” After over a week of this mess . I decided I was just going to withdrawal my funds out of Trust Wallet. However, when i attempted to transfer my funds . I got a message stating I need ethereum to transfer to another wallet. So, I attempted to buy ethereum using one of trust wallet 3rd party apps. However, strangely I was advised I failed their KYC. Despite, me supplying all my personal information a “D” selfie.
    The weird part about it I haven’t encountered this issue with any of the other companies I use. And if I’m not mistaken I made a purchased on trust wallet with the same 3rd party. Could they possibly be in Cahoots? I don’t know but there’s definitely something fishy going on. Anyways, let’s stay on topic… After trust wallet 3rd party refusing to allow me to purchase ethereum. I purchased it from coinbase, and when I tried to send it to my ethereum trust wallet. I got a coinbase popup message saying Invalid address, even though i copied the address directly from my receiving on trust wallet. In conclusion, I can’t get my coins out of trustwallet and I’ve tried everyway possible. There definitely needs to be done to sanction trust wallet. AND if anyone wants to initiate a class action suit… Count me in!

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