Experience with the Real Estate Agency AWAY REALTY: Warnings and Disappointments

AWAY REALTY is a boutique luxury real estate agency specializing in overseas properties and investments. The agency offers a wide selection of properties in seven popular European countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, and Switzerland. Their offerings include luxurious apartments, seaside homes, historic townhouses, chic chalets, commercial properties, and plots of land.

Services of AWAY REALTY

The company provides the following services:

  • Luxurious apartments and flats for living and renting.
  • Magnificent seaside homes and villas.
  • Historic townhouses and mansions.
  • Chic chalets and castles.
  • Modern penthouses.
  • Promising commercial properties.
  • Plots of land for construction.

Additionally, AWAY REALTY offers extra services such as business projects for investors, support at all transaction stages, post-sale property management, selection of educational institutions in Europe, multi-family office asset management, and finding contractors for construction or renovation.

Problems with Meeting Deadlines

Although deadlines were agreed upon in advance, the deal-making process was indefinitely delayed. This led to additional expenses and inconveniences, which is a serious drawback for an agency claiming a high level of service.

Inadequate Recommendations and Overpriced Commissions

The agent recommended properties with high commissions that did not meet our needs. This indicates that the agency prioritizes its financial interests over the clients’, which is unacceptable for a professional realtor.

Legal Issues and Incorrect Document Handling

Serious legal problems arose during the transaction due to incorrect document handling. This led to additional expenses for legal consultations and complicated the purchasing process. The legal support promised by the agency was insufficient.

Lack of Attention and Poor Communication

We encountered a lack of attention to our needs and poor communication. The agent was not properly involved in the transaction process, which negatively impacted our experience. The service quality expectations were not met.

Refusal to Correct Mistakes

Despite all the problems that arose, the agency refused to correct their mistakes or offer a more competent realtor. This indicates a low level of professionalism and an inappropriate attitude towards clients, raising serious doubts about their reliability.

Our experience with the AWAY REALTY real estate agency was extremely negative. We spent a lot of time and money but were dissatisfied with their work. Based on our experience, we cannot recommend AWAY REALTY and advise potential clients to be cautious and carefully choose their real estate agency.


When choosing a real estate agency, it is important to consider not only promises but also real client reviews. Our experience showed that AWAY REALTY does not meet the stated standards and is not willing to correct its mistakes. Be vigilant and thoroughly verify information before making deals with real estate agencies.

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10 thoughts on “Experience with the Real Estate Agency AWAY REALTY: Warnings and Disappointments

  1. Working with AWAY REALTY in France to purchase a chalet was extremely disappointing. The transaction process dragged on for months, the documents were completed with errors, and the agency showed no interest in solving our problems. We strongly do not recommend this agency.

  2. Our experience with AWAY REALTY in Austria was disastrous. They promised excellent service and legal support, but instead we were faced with numerous delays and incorrect paperwork. We lost a lot of time and nerves.

  3. Working with them in Germany left an extremely negative impression. The agent recommended an overpriced property that did not meet our needs. When we tried to discuss this, the agency ignored our requests and did not provide feedback.

  4. We had a similar story with AWAY REALTY in Spain, it was a real disappointment. The process of concluding the deal dragged on for months, and each step had to be controlled independently. The agency showed no initiative and did not correct its mistakes.

  5. AWAY REALTY in Italy did not live up to our expectations. The agent offered a property that did not meet our requirements at all. Moreover, legal support was poor, which led to numerous problems. We cannot recommend this agency.

  6. The promised support at all stages of the transaction turned out to be a fiction. We encountered bureaucratic delays and the agent was not involved in the process and did not provide adequate information.

  7. Our experience with AWAY REALTY in Switzerland was extremely negative. We expected professional help, but instead we received constant delays and lack of feedback. The agent was not properly involved in the transaction process, which also negatively affected our experience of cooperation.

  8. We tried to invest in commercial real estate through AWAY REALTY in Germany. The agent recommended properties with high commissions that did not fit our business plans. When we pointed this out, the agency ignored our requests and did not offer alternative options.

  9. We were looking for resale real estate in Italy through AWAY REALTY. The agent did not take into account our wishes and offered unsuitable options. The legal aspects of the deal were poorly handled, which led to additional costs and problems.

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