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Welcome to Junction 17 Cars. We are a well-established, passionate business specialising in the sale of prestige used cars based in Peterborough.

Whether you’re at Junction 17 Cars to buy something special, or you would just like to browse, we offer you a completely personalised service through every stage of your car buying journey. Leaving you with a great impression and you wanting to come back as we genuinely care about all of your needs and our service is designed around you, often exceeding expectations.

We pride ourselves in selling high quality prestige used cars. You can browse our current stock online and click on any model of car that interests you to see further details.

We take great pleasure in being able to guide every one of our customers, whether new or returning, through every part of vehicle ownership – the buying, financing, servicing and selling – all from under one roof.

At Junction 17, we are a dealership with a deep passion for cars, which is at the heart of our unrivalled expertise. If you would like professional help in choosing the best European sports car or prestige car that meets your requirements you can trust our expert sales team. We provide considered and impartial advice which is well-respected in the automotive industry.

If you are upgrading from another prestige car, we can purchase your old car for a fair and accurate price. We are always looking for exceptional luxury and sports cars to add to our stock, and can offer both cash sales and part exchange against the value of a car in our existing range.

To speak to one of our specialist sales advisers about financing a car, buying outright or selling a car, please contact us or phone us on 01733 247222 and one of our prestige used car specialists will be more than happy to assist

3 thoughts on “Junction 17 Cars Review

  1. I bought a VW Touareg off them on Feb 26, it looked superb, drove great around Nottingham so paid £4,703 including their admin charge and warranty. We were pleased with it until I drove down from Grantham to Diss at the end of March, I pulled out to overtake a slow moving truck, there was a massive bang, engine revved like mad, transmission was disconnected, no drive! Massive Artic behind me was flashing and sounding horn wildly, smoke everywhere from brakes and tyres. The slow truck passed me on the inside and I swerved into the inside lane avoiding the artic and ran off onto the verge, lucky to be alive! After an hour calming down talking to my husband on the phone, the car was in ‘Limp mode’ so I crawled the 20 miles home at a very slow speed. Garage ran engine diagnostics, nothing serious and test drove car, OK! I warned the Warranty people that there may be an issue with the car, cover was very limited Parts and labour, no diagnostics and a £1,000 limit. My daughter and I didn’t want to go in the car again. Engine was also far noisier then and there was a whine from gearbox at low revs when warm. My husband checked the internet, this is a known and progressive issue on the Touareg that gets worse and worse until the gearbox fails catastrophically! Any power on down change can cause the issue, we tested it, kick down at 60mph causes a massive bang, car feels like it has been rear ended, almost stops with engine over revving like mad and no drive for several seconds if you lift off.. Reported it to Junction 17, told to go to Warranty, did so, got nowhere so insisted Junction 17 repair or replace the car, that was 26 April. They finally accepted car back on 2 May. On 14 May they tell us they still haven’t found the issue, it may be the Valve body. We had been without a usable car for over three weeks. I took advice and was told to inform Junction 17 that I was doing a final rejection of the car as detailed in the Consumer Act 2015, since it was not of satisfactory quality, unfit for purpose, not superb as described and most importantly that we were being significantly inconvenienced by the delay in repair. This is true, my daughter has had to miss two horse shows and her riding is limited without the large car as we told the dealer when buying. They replied stating basically it was our fault, the issue wasn’t there when we bought the car and attached a trite little report from a garage stating they tested it prior to sale and it was perfect! They added – ‘We have arranged for the transmission to be inspected to find the cause of the fault, but please be aware that should their report confirm that the failure is down to the overall age / mileage of the vehicle you have purchased then all costs will be passed to yourself at our absolute discression’ VW tell us the fault is expensive to fix, the Valve case can fix it short term but that isn’t the root of the issue, they replace the whole transmission which is uneconomic on a car of this age. The engine will also need work. This dealership is dishonest, they try to ignore the Consumer Act 2015 and will not face their responsibilities at all – AVOID them at all costs. We are issuing a Small Claims case against them based on them selling us a dangerous vehicle and not dealing with it under the terms of the Consumer Act 2015.

  2. At absolute breaking point with this garage. Going to seek legal advice as well as informing Trading Standards. If I could give a minus rating, I would. We bought a Discovery Sport at the beginning of August. From the moment we drove the car away, customer service became non existent. The person I dealt with has treated us appallingly and Junction 17 should be totally embarrassed. I am presently calling hourly where I am told consistently that the people I want to speak to are always on the telephone. It is impossible to get past reception. The men are hiding behind these poor ladies having to deal with irate calls. I have called many many times in order to sort out the following:- 1. Spare set of keys 2. Paperwork which confirms what was actually carried out on the ‘interim service’. 3. ‘Service Needed’ light on dashboard. I was told by the receptionist the person I dealt with and also the Manager that the key had be sent by recorded delivery. The dates of when this key was actually posted changed 3 times! He also stated he would message me the tracking number. This never materialised! I was promised by the person I dealt with on many occasions that he would email me the work that was carried out on the service. I have a text message trail to confirm this. The email never arrived. I also spoke to both Manager and the person I dealt with that the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Liquid light on the dashboard had lit up. The Manager tried to persuade me that this light comes on every 100 miles or so and it had lit up because my husband had driven from Peterborough to Aldershot! Absolute nonsense! This was supposed to have been checked on the service and wasn’t. They confirmed this. I do believe that a service has not been carried out on our vehicle we purchased from Junction 17 as why would they not send the paperwork through? I am going to a TRUSTED local garage to confirm whether a service has been done. I’m sure the results will be a disturbing read. The Manager also promised to find a local garage to switch off the Service Needed light. He never got back to me even though he stated that he knew our area well. I am very confused how Junction 17 even manage to run a business like this. DO NOT be fooled by the attractive and expensive cars on show. There are better, more reputable garages around and I only wish I had done our research a little more prudently before purchasing this vehicle from this company. FURTHER UPDATE We part exchanged our car with this garage and we have now received UNPAID TOLL CHARGE NOTICES 5 weeks after we traded it in totalling over £100! These unpaid toll fees are from Tyne Tunnels! Could this get any worse?

  3. What a lemon i brought dont buy from them awful cars. There mots are done by there own garage so be careful and they do the serviceing or lack of it. Worst car i ever bought took it back after a week.go to a good car dealer if u want a good car!

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