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Phone: +441519479666

Address: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HN

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About company:

As an internationally renowned financial transaction service provider, we are committed to providing retail customers and financial institutions with a wide range of financial derivatives trading products, mainly including foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, CFD and other products. Reliance Capital Markets ltd It aims to build a world-class financial services platform for investors and provide a fully transparent STP-ECN trading environment and reliable customer service

Reliance Capital Markets ltd adheres to the purpose of «fairness, efficiency and wisdom» in the capital market to provide investors with perfect and high-quality financial supporting services. Investors can make more suitable investment plans according to their own requirements, and directly obtain quotations from the market through advanced trading software.

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  1. For starters, let them get regulation from the Financial Conduct Authority, otherwise it’s somehow undignified, you know, a brokerage house, and by no means can boast of licenses from the British regulator. And what can I say, if they also invented and lied about the date of foundation in 2001, because the first mention of this scam appeared only this year, the domain was also recently registered.
    If you break through this office of Financial Aims LTD through Company House, then an office comes out, but which is not related to brokerage services. As I guessed, the creators of this fraudulent broker used someone else’s name and someone else’s legal data, put them up as their own and now allegedly offer brokerage services. I think that it is obvious that such people cannot be trusted.

  2. This, of course, is a complete tin, they ask for a minimum deposit of as much as 1000 euros, when they themselves do not even allow trading on a demo account. I can’t imagine how I will even try a new broker, which has a trading platform unknown to me, without a demo account, that is, an account where the funds are virtual and not real? After all, I need to try to open orders, do an analysis, get used to the location of the windows, the interface. It is important. For I don’t want to start with real money, because due to ignorance of the terminal, you can click in the wrong place, make a mistake, and because of this, lose a substantial amount of money. Hike, this broker is black, since he does not give demos, he also asks for 1000 euros. In general, this is some kind of huge deposit threshold, because most popular companies do not even ask for 100 euros, the threshold is lower everywhere.

  3. I agree with their pricing policy. It is about the minimum deposit threshold of 1000 euros. Why? But because I think that traders have nothing to do in trading with 100 bucks in their pocket. With this money you will not earn anything, but only rape yourself. You will plow for a whole month, trading, analyzing your work, and in the end you will get 10 bucks of profit – is this the norm? With 1000 dollars it will be 100 dollars, also a trifle, but at least something.

  4. Be careful as this is another scam. They lured my friend to their place, promising to give him profitable trading signals, according to which he would need to trade, and at the same time, support from a personal manager.
    As a result, a total of $ 2,500 was pulled out of a person. First, for one amount, then they fished out more money. First they showed that you can earn. The man woke up greed, he poured more money, and then they stupidly merged it. From 2500 dollars, he merged to 500 bucks. I decided to stop and withdraw these remaining 500, well, in order to save at least a part, and not lose everything to the last penny. But even these 500 bucks are not withdrawn to him either.
    So know that all offers from this company are stupid in order to get at least some money out of you, they are trying to manipulate you and so on. Be on the lookout. Such tricks are not only done by this fraudulent trash can, but also by other Forex scams.

  5. I had to look for a lot of information on the Internet for the company, surprisingly it was often only good. So the question about the relevance of working with a broker was decided by itself. After all, I boldly invested money here and started working with the stock exchange. It is quite convenient and simple trading terminal with modern functionality and design, fast working, for me it is familiar, especially since it is possible to work from a mobile phone, what is important is that the broker is honest and pays money on time.

  6. I got results from trading, they make me happy, because I really sent the money in the right direction. Financial Aims LTD helped me with this, which never ceases to please me, because I listened to the advice of a mentor and invested money correctly, as a result of which I received a high profit. Also, the company has good trading signals and excellent analytics, everything only contributes to the rapid growth of capital.

  7. DC provides a unique platform for trading, which works great and has a convenient and intuitive interface for work. Also, what prompted me to open an account is that this is a British brokerage company, officially registered and working legally, their office is located in London. Although the dealing center has recently started working, but the conditions for trading and the number of assets are really a good indicator, which is why I work here. I must say that the spread is low, the leverage is great, there are training courses, and you can also get support from a trading mentor.

  8. A very wide range of services available in the company, there is also an economic calendar, technical analysis, training, analytics, quotes, trading signals. It seems that it’s not bad to make money, but when I trade normally myself, I can’t do it according to the signals, but I think this is a problem with me, and not with the signals, since others make money on them. Maybe it’s really easier for me to trade on my own.
    Well, if you remove trading signals, then everything is super. Money is withdrawn stably, quotes are normal and definitely not faked. The platform works perfectly and is also stable, as is the withdrawal of funds.

  9. I will share my impression of working with the brokerage company Financial Aims LTD. These impressions are very positive. I have been working with a broker for the second year and I can say that the work is going great. Even on the simplest type of account, there are fairly low spreads, which is a rarity among brokers today. What else can I add? The withdrawal of funds is done very quickly, I immediately receive money on my international card. I think that this broker is one of the most convenient for trading today, and that it will further increase its popularity among Russian traders.

  10. One of the reasons why many traders choose to work with Financial Aims LTD is the opportunity to open an account according to their financial capabilities and their trading needs. Here in this regard there is a large selection, and everyone will find their own. For example, I work with a Silver account, and I am completely satisfied with its conditions.

  11. I am a trader, I have been in this business for a long time, I work and try to earn for my future. I stumbled upon Financial Aims LTD, having looked through their offers, the chances for profitable trading, I perfectly understood what and how. I invested money, immediately opened the second type of account, as I understand what’s what. As in all companies, here I was provided with an analyst who had contact with me every day at any time, suggested how best to trade and when to withdraw. There were no problems with the withdrawal of money, everything was received to the end. I don’t regret a bit that I chose this brokerage company. I can only say one thing – everything is reliable and honest.

  12. I consider the financial platform Financial Aims LTD one of the best. I am a trader with little trading experience who has already fallen into the hands of scammers, but here, in my opinion, all financial risks are insured. No wonder the company is licensed and registered in the UK. This is confirmed by the information in the unified register and on the website of the regulator.
    I consider it a huge advantage to have a rather complicated verification for the reliability of saving my personal data and funds. In addition, complex encryption using an SSL certificate will not be hacked by any hacker. And they do not need to provide extra documents – a standard package.
    The biggest advantages of this broker, apart from the fact that he pays out the earned funds without delay, I think:
    A site that describes all the activities of the broker. Licenses, reviews, a detailed description of trading on the platform are presented. It is immediately clear that the focus is on technicality, and not on advertising;
    Training for beginners – they tell and show not superficially, but the whole wrong side of trading. After that, going into the red is quite difficult;
    A platform with excellent functionality – everything is clear, simple. There is a history of transactions, a calendar, pending orders, etc. By the way, a bright and modern interface;
    Deposit and withdrawal of funds – money is deposited instantly, with payments also without problems. Extra commissions will not be taken. All information forever about everything remains in your personal account.
    Separately, I would also like to note the work of the support service. They work seven days a week and around the clock, it is not difficult to contact them. The broker is adapted to work with Russian traders and therefore you communicate in Russian without any problems. Always prompt and help.
    Broker Financial Aims LTD is a reliable and long-term partner. No wonder London issued them a license. I’ve been trading currency pairs here for 5 years and I’m not going to leave. I have enough money, I won’t go to work in production. I think I’ll earn for my retirement.

  13. Recently, I realized that while working with many other brokers, I often encountered the problem of the terminal lagging behind the real market, or even with the issuance of false information. Often this is done in order to confuse traders and make them lose their deposits.
    I noticed that while working with the terminal of Financial Aims LTD, I absolutely never encountered this. This is very pleasing and immediately shows that the broker honestly fulfills its obligations to customers. You can not be afraid of anything, calmly make a deposit and trade for your own pleasure, without fear of fraud.

  14. The problem of many brokers today is the delay of data in the terminal. It can be both unintentional (if servers slow down) and intentional (if the broker manipulates the terminal). In the terminal of Financial Aims LTD, this is not and never has been. This is the main advantage of trading here.

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