Cauvo Capital Review

Cauvo Capital

Official website:
Phone: +18009821027
Address: [email protected]
About company
We sincerely believe in the continuous improvement of the quality of trading.
We have created a proven trading platform with an excellent platform and conditions in which investors can hone their trading skills and become even more successful.
Human approach
We have removed the boundaries between institutional and private investors, making the trading process more enjoyable for everyone and providing all clients with a high standard of quality.
Education and analytics
Our top priority is to enable our clients to make more informed trading decisions based on numerous educational materials and market analysis tools.
Full transparency
Access the world’s most popular financial instruments, from currencies and stocks to indices and commodities, with the most honest pricing and execution.
Customer interests always come first
Whatever problem you have, our multilingual customer service will be happy to help you. You can contact us by phone, email or chat during market hours.

0 thoughts on “Cauvo Capital Review

  1. CauvoCapital was initially treated very well, since this brokerage organization promised me both protection against a negative balance and the help of a personal account manager. Considering that I have no experience at all in trading on the financial markets, this option suited me very well. However, in fact it turned out that people are being stupidly deceived here. I started here with 250 dollars in my pocket, but then these crooks pulled almost 2000 bucks out of my wallet. I could not take a penny from my investment. Decided to share my story to warn others of the danger. Don’t invest here.

  2. With this office, the path to nowhere opens up for you. The swindlers will simply lure money out of someone else’s wallet and that’s it. I myself went through 7 circles of hell here, but I could not solve my financial issues. Now I have to communicate with professional lawyers, I hope that at least they will help.

  3. I agree that this is a fraudulent office, and offshore. I turned to the regulator to help me with the solution of financial conflicts. To my request, they answered me only that they could only blacklist this office. Given that the office is fake, there are no legal levers of influence against it. It turns out that I just squandered all my money with these scammers.

  4. Friends, the negative reviews about this broker Cauvo Capital are right! I also became one of the dupes here, lost almost 8,000 bucks. I don’t know what to do now and who to turn to, the first time I got into a financial scam. Kindly advise. And for those who are thinking about registering here, I simply recommend abandoning this bad idea.

  5. I agree that there will be no sense in investing with this office, it is initially not going to fulfill the agreements and pay money. As long as you invest, follow the trading recommendations that are being imposed here, everything is still normal. And you try to take at least your savings!!! These goats freeze tightly and, under various pretexts, do not give a penny. I stubbornly continued to demand my hard-earned money and as a result received an account blocking.

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